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Dear Music Lovers:

The Cambridge Symphony Orchestra is delighted to welcome you to our 2018-19 season.  The future looks bright and promising as we step forward into our second decade. The orchestra assumed a leadership role in the artistic landscape of our community and will continue in this role as we look for new ways to meet the musical needs of the community. We have partnered and developed relationships with other Arts organizations in and around the region and will continue to do so. We are thrilled that at this point in time we are able to introduce our next generation of orchestral musicians with the formation of our very own Youth Orchestra. This is quite a milestone and achievement already for us and witnesses to our education and outreach efforts. We can be proud of this addition and look forward to their progress and development.

With each concert the Cambridge Symphony Orchestra has striven to make it better than the last. With each season we have striven to make it more memorable than the last. As we move forward into our second decade, we will strive to make it more outstanding than the last. Together there is much that we have accomplished. Together there is still more to aspire to. Together we can fulfill our highest potential as a vibrant cultural community. We look forward to your continued generosity and support as we partner together to scale new cultural heights.

Our Explore the Score sessions will continue this year as will our chamber music concerts in the Cambridge area. Please check our website for details. Join us as we continue together in this beautiful journey. Catch the excitement! Catch the wonder! Catch the music!


Sabatino Vacca

Music Director and Conductor

Cambridge Symphony Orchestra


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