Originating in 2004, a small group of musicians pulled together a musical event for the Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts. When this inaugural event was very well received, they added a few more musicians and scheduled additional concert dates. The Cambridge Symphony Orchestra was born, and it has since grown into one of Canada’s busiest community orchestras!
The orchestra is led by the dynamic duo of Sabatino Vacca (Musical Director) and Joy Schuster (Concert Master), who both joined in 2007. The group is comprised of up to 50 players, most of whom are volunteer musicians. As schedules permit, many of the players commit to the whole season and come back year after year. Each concert involves 6 or 7 rehearsals and 1 or 2 performances. Auditions for new players are open anytime!
In 2014 the CSO expanded to include a youth orchestra created specifically to meet the needs of young musicians. The Cambridge Youth Orchestra, is co-conducted by Joy Schuster.  They perform at community events as well as select CSO concerts. This group is free to join (a rarity in the youth orchestra world) and is open to musicians aged 11-21.
As one of Canada’s busiest community orchestras, the Cambridge Symphony Orchestra (CSO) offers pay-as-you-can concerts to ensure all members of our community can participate in the joyful celebration of live music.