Pandemic Update Winter 2021

Our Music and Mission Continue

It is approaching a year since we have had to make major changes in our lives and follow the necessary restrictions and protocols. Both the CSO and Cambridge Youth Orchestra continue to rehearse weekly and record for concert presentations on-line. It is our hope that all of our supporters and music lovers have been safe and are able to connect with friends and family in our “new normal” time. Our gift of music to Cambridge and the surrounding area remains accessible for you. With careful planning, we have been able to schedule 4 concerts for the first half of this year. Although our presentations are not live or in-person, it is our hope that you can access them and enjoy the music. Our Christmas concert was well received. It is necessary to have a computer and some basic technical skills to use our link to view the concerts.


The concerts planned by Sabatino and the orchestra will include a Virtual Valentine’s Concert in February, an Irish themed concert in March and a Tribute to mothers in mid-May. Our musicians have been able to safely practice, to use the recommended clear plastic barriers and to employ masks and social distancing. Please review the monthly newsletter and this website to get the details for each concert including the address and link to view the performance.


As you may know, the CSO is a registered non-profit organization and we rely on generous support from our patrons and sponsors. Without this funding, we simply could not exist. The gate receipts and donations, although much appreciated, don’t come close to covering our expenses. I encourage you to visit our sponsor page by clicking under the “Support” title and selecting “Our Supporters”. We acknowledge 9 organizations that have been generously supporting us, including the Cambridge and North Dumfries Community Foundation, the Bridgeway Foundation, the City of Cambridge, Arts Connect Cambridge, the Cambridge Bingo and Gaming Centre, In Focus for Media, Web Mastering Service, The Rotary Club of Cambridge Sunrise, Linus Creative Services and the Cambridge Centre for the Arts.


Although we look forward to the day when it is safe for us to perform live for a big audience, we are glad that we can share our music with you through virtual and recorded methods. Thank you as well to all of our patrons, sponsors and donors!


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