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Tania Evans Cianciulli

‘Tonia has refashioned our traditional music and elevated it to a classical level. She is a wonderful ambassador for Newfoundland and Labrador, as Georgina Stirling once was. She has picked up that torch and it burns even brighter in her capable hands’. 

– Mark Critch, Comedian – This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Actor & Author


Newfoundland born Soprano, Tonia Evans Cianciulli is a multifaceted concert artist, and singer-songwriter, praised for her versatility and ‘ability to invest any song with authentic emotion no matter the genre or subject matter’ (K. Hughes, Toronto Journalist). Tonia performs her signature programs across North America and for niche events and concerts. 


Tonia has been praised by CBC Newfoundland, for exploring her rich Newfoundland roots. She has worked passionately to honour and revive the life and legacy of her muse, Newfoundland’s Nightingale of the North, Georgina Stirling (1867-1935), also known to her international audiences as Marie Toulinguet. As an award winning author, Tonia celebrates the publishing of her debut book, ‘The Heart’s Obsession – An Intimate Biography of Newfoundland Songstress Georgina Stirling’ with Flanker Press Ltd, and coauthored with her grandfather, veteran Newfoundland author, Calvin D. Evans. ‘The Heart’s Obsession’ received early glowing reviews from Alan Doyle, David Pomeroy, Greg Malone and Opera Canada Magazine. Tonia is proud to be represented by the Newfoundland record label, Citadel House. In tandem with the book, she released two tribute albums that shine a spotlight on two of the province’s most talented musicians, Georgina Stirling and the late folk hero, Ron Hynes. Her release of Ron Hynes’ song, Marie, about this prima donna, has been an integral piece in bringing Georgina Stirling into the 21st Century. Newfoundland Actor/Director, Gordon Pinsent remarked: “I love it! Carried me away. Mother of all goosebumps!” 


Most recently, Tonia has performed with the Casa Loma Symphony as a soloist for Symphony in the Gardens, the Southern Ontario Lyric Opera Company, and visited Newfoundland in September for a range of concerts, book signings and, as the key note singer at the Century 21 National Convention held at the St. John’s Convention Centre. Tonia’s latest album, HYMNS of the HEART, was released during the global pandemic, a project that brought her great peace during an uncertain time. Her forthcoming album, Love Me ‘Till I’m Me Again, will feature her own original music on heart related matters and expressions of beloved Newfoundland.


Tonia is the visionary Founder of a non-profit organization, Wish Opera/Arts, and is a fierce advocate for celebrating and nurturing Canadian artists of all genres as they achieve their individual artistic goals with her sought-after programs including the An Artist's Journey and the popular ‘Artist’s Spotlight’ interview series. Tonia is a student of Yorkville University, obtaining her Masters in Counselling Psychology.


Tonia and her husband, Frank, live between Toronto, Ontario and Miami, Florida. They are blessed with two beautiful children, Sophia and Anthony. Tonia has homeschooled her children for 8 years while pursuing her artistic endeavours. She returns to Newfoundland often to visit family and perform and never misses an opportunity to search for heart rocks on her favourite beaches. 




Accompanying many of Tonia’s recordings are spectacular music videos that highlight the stunning landscapes in Newfoundland and its beloved culture, filmed by Twillingate drone artist, Julian Earle. ‘Marie’:  


Tonia’s video for St. John’s Waltz:

Tonia’s original: Christmas Time This Year for Newfoundland: 

Tonia dedicated her cover of Ron Hynes’ ‘Atlantic Blue’, to the lives lost from the Ocean Ranger tragedy on February 14, 1982:


Tonia Evans Cianciulli – Book Reading and Mini Concert – The Heart’s Obsession – An Intimate Biography of Newfoundland Songstress Georgina Stirling:


Visit Tonia Evans Cianciulli on her website and on Social media here:

Instagram: @myheartsobsession  Facebook: @ToniacianciulliSinger  

Twitter: @WishTonia 

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